Consulting Services

Businesses and organizations, for profit and non-profit, seek my services to help them deal with the complexities and barriers limiting personal, professional, and organizational success. Those services include a unique, trademarked approach for developing new leaders into great leaders, management coaching to help mid-level professionals to take the next steps in their careers, and executive coaching to help those in the “buck stops here” positions of organizations to stay healthy and effective. Career transition coaching is also available for those seeking to evaluate career decisions or when an organization chooses to assist an employee(s) impacted by a reduction in work force.

Diverse member/associate services include team development with a focus on building effective communications and consensus driven decision-making processes. For businesses looking to assess how they are functioning, I provide organizational assessment services designed to take an in depth look at structure, staffing, training, and personality dynamics. Next step or organizational development services include strategic planning, project management, and training.

In those moments when the unthinkable happens businesses reach out to me to help them navigate through those critical situations. Critical Incident Stress Management is a multi-intervention strategy to help employees and organizations impacted by traumatic incidents maintain or regain healthy and productive functioning. My approach is to work with management or leadership to identify and implement the right way to help their employees get through a difficult time. The goal being to help employees be safe and secure in returning to work, providing services, and/or taking care of their customers.

Conversations about consulting needs or concerns are always welcome and with no obligations. Give me a call, text, or email, let me know what you are thinking or needing, and I can help you find a solution, one I may provide or a referral to the right resource.

First Line Leadership Development

Developing new leaders into great leaders. Click here to learn more about First Line Leadership Development

Entry-level to executive employee services with individuals, teams, and organizations:

Our Services

  • Career coaching
  • Crisis Management Services
  • Cultural Dynamics: vision, mission, values.
  • Discipline & Reward Processes
  • Executive Coaching
  • Hiring & Retention
  • Management Coaching
  • New Leader Development
  • Organizational Assessment & Development
  • Program Development
  • Strategic & Operational Planning
  • Team Building

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